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Calverton News: Kent Animal Shelter receives grant


We did it. Happy spring, one and all! Surprisingly, I am more than ready for balmy weather and am eagerly searching my gardens for any signs of life. And I have seen some! 

R031209_Pelis_R.jpgSpeaking of spring, kitten season is upon us and the awesome people at Kent Animal Shelter on River Road in Calverton have received a grant that enables them to spay or neuter 60 cats for only $20 each. Ear notching and a rabies shot are included in this amazing price. For an appointment or more information, call 727-7797.

For all those snow days we enjoyed, there is a price to pay. School will be in session for Riley Avenue Elementary School students April 14 and 15, and May 23 and 27. Sorry, kids; just remember all the fun you had.

I, once again, participated in Parents as Reading Partners at Riley. I simply love it! Thank you, everyone, for making me feel so welcome. I read to two classes, answered many great questions and witnessed, yet again, what an awesome school Riley is. On March 21 the school will celebrate Spirit Day, a fun-filled event that shows the spirit of the students and staff. The students at Riley will also have some of their artwork on display at Riverhead Free Library through March. Stop by — you’ll be in awe!

A very happy birthday to Rowland Hautsch on March 31, from your wife, Patti, and all your family and friends. I won’t tell your age, Rowland, but you don’t look it at all! May this special day be simply perfect.

Do not, I repeat do not, be tempted to buy eggplant, tomato or pepper plants, or any other warm-weather plants, just yet. Pansies, flowering bulbs and perennials are some good choices, but if it gets really cold they might not survive. It’s still only March, so be wise and don’t waste your money.

That is all for this week. A special hello to cousin Sheila Tradeski, who I met at a neighbor’s house and had the best time with. It was so nice to see her since we don’t get to see each other a lot. Moral of the story is: Get yourself off the couch and go places. You never know who you’ll meet!

Take care, be safe and I’ll talk to you next time. Bye.

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