Featured Letter: Carey was the right choice

To the editor:

The recent appointment of Stanley Carey to the Town Planning Board was a good choice by the Town Board. In addition to his water and environmental experience, Stan reviewed site plans for the Riverhead Fire Department for many years. During the mid-2000s, when building was still booming in town, the planning department forwarded all site plans to the fire department for review and comment. I would consider this directly-related experience.

While there may have been equally qualified applicants, a new face is sometimes what is needed on these boards. An ambitious person can often bring new ideas and a fresh perspective when reviewing potential projects within the town. Equally important, perhaps, is someone who is in touch with the community and understands what would be welcomed by town residents. Stan certainly meets these criteria.

Dennis Hamill, Riverhead

Editor’s note: Mr. Hamill is a member of the Riverhead Fire District Board of Commissioners.