Smell of smoke in Riverhead attributed to New Jersey fire

The odor of smoke from a major brush fire in southern New Jersey is being smelled as far away as the East End, according to area fire departments.

The fire started Sunday afternoon and has burned more than 1,500 acres, or about 2 square miles of Wharton State Forest in Hammonton in a remote area of the forest and was being smelled in New York City, according to The Associated Press.

Chief Kevin Brooks of the Riverhead Fire Department said fire volunteers responded to reports of smoke odors in the vicinity of Deep Hole Road about 10 a.m. Monday, attributing the smell to New Jersey’s large burn.

“The Riverhead Police Department is getting numerous calls, and we can’t find anything in those areas — so were thinking it’s going to back to that fire in New Jersey,” Chief Brooks said.

He said Manorville Fire Department has also received calls regarding the odor.

AP is reporting the fire in New Jersey didn’t threaten any structures and there are no reports of injuries.