Recap: Town may take Gershow Recycling to court


“We will probably handle this in executive session because it will probably involve litigation,” Supervisor Sean Walter said following a Riverhead Town Board discussion on Gershow Recycling’s Hubbard Avenue facility, which has come under fire from neighbors due to excessive noise and “vibrations.”

The town Planning Board allowed Gershow to take over the former Gallo junk yard in 2012 because it thought it was a continuation of the same use. But residents say Gershow is much noisier, and now the Planning Board said it made changes to the property without approval, and are requiring it to get a site plan approval. Mr. Walter said there will likely be a resolution Tuesday authorizing legal action.

Also at Thursday’s Town Board work session, John Barci, who proposed a barbecue contest and music festival for downtown Riverhead, told the board the proposal is now for Stotzky Park on Labor Day weekend. Mr. Barci said there was someone opposition to holding the festival downtown.

To read what else was discussed at Thursday’s work session, click below to read a recap of reporter Tim Gannon’s live blog of the meeting.