Editorial: Loosening bowhunting restrictions the right call


As promised, state lawmakers have made progress in the important effort to thin deer herds on Long Island and elsewhere by changing a law related to how New York State approaches deer management. 

Fierce debate has raged in recent months over an East End deer cull that involves federal sharpshooters who don’t have to follow state laws. And now, local bowhunters will rightly get the benefit of being able to hunt within 150 feet of a structure. The previous 500-foot setback was unnecessary, and obviously too burdensome as it closed far too much land to hunters. Other opportunities to improve access for hunters exist, such as permitting weekend hunting during the January firearms season on Long Island, or extending the season into part of February. But until further changes are made, those who helped make this step in the process happen deserve kudos.

Albany can be a difficult place to get things done, and our elected leaders delivered.