They’re still not thanking heaven for 7-Eleven in Flanders

The new Flanders 7-Eleven takes shape at Flanders Road and Cypress Avenue. (Credit: Tim Gannon)

It may be a little late, but Flanders residents are voicing opposition to a 7-Eleven already under construction on the southwest corner of Flanders Road and Cypress Avenue.

“Nobody wants it,” said Barbara Swisloski. “They all think someone will get run over there.” 

“People are grumbling because they are afraid it will become a hiring hall for day laborers and because of the traffic,” added Vince Taldone, president of the Flanders, Riverside and Northampton Community Association.

Mr. Taldone said the lack of a traffic signal at the intersection of Cypress Avenue and Flanders Road will only worsen things in the already congested area.

“It’s a weird spot for a 7-Eleven,” he said.

Flanders resident Kathy Kruel said she’s concerned about a construction trailer on the site that partially blocks the view for cars trying to turn on Flanders Road from Cypress Avenue. She contacted Southampton Town officials about it but hasn’t received any feedback, she said.

7-Eleven is slated to build its main entrance on Flanders Road on the far west end of the property, said Clare Vail, Southampton Town’s principal planner. An exit on Cypress Avenue is meant only for deliveries.

“None of my neighbors are happy about it,” Ms. Kruel said. “They said it would be nice to have a 7-Eleven, but not on that corner. People are going to use the Cypress Avenue exit to cut through.”

Ms. Vail said the majority of customer traffic will come from the Flanders Road entrance. She added that they hope to keep cars off Cypress Avenue, which is part of a residential neighborhood.

“There was a full environmental study on this,” she said.

Ms. Vail said developers have a site plan and building permit approvals but are seeking administrative approval for some minor changes to the application. She said they have permission to proceed with those changes before getting the OK.

In 2011, the property received site plan approval to become a convenience store when it was owned by Bryan Whalen.

Last December, Mr. Whalen sold the .07-acre site for $740,000 to a Texas company called Flanders Holding LLC, which changed the site plan to a 7-Eleven store. Under town code, 7-Eleven is considered a convenience store, so prior approvals were renewed.

A 7-Eleven company spokesperson didn’t respond to a request for comment by press time.

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