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Calverton News: Last call for strawberries!

Local strawberries from last May. (Credit: Katharine Schroeder, file)
Local strawberries from last May. (Credit: Katharine Schroeder, file)

Happy summer! May it go very, very slow and be a nice, balmy 80 degrees or so.

If you didn’t get any strawberries yet you may still have a few days, but beware, they’re almost gone. As one tasty fruit leaves, something else takes its place. Peas, zucchini and squash have arrived and on the near horizon will be sweet corn. 

The Riverhead Community Awareness Program recently held its 29th annual “Say No to Drugs” march, at which kids vowed to remain drug-free. Through July 4, Modell’s locations across Long Island are offering a 15 percent off coupon through July 4, of which five percent of your purchase will be donated to CAP. The coupon, which can be found at, can be used more than once until its expiration date.

Everyone at Riley Avenue Elementary School gives thanks for a great year! Best of luck to the fourth-graders, who are moving up and going off to Pulaski Street School. From all the staff, everyone is wished a beautiful summer. Relax and enjoy every second!

Happy wedding anniversary to Jim and Laura Niewadomski on June 30, from all your family and friends. We all hope you have an awesome day together!

Happy birthday to Jim’s dad, Jan, on June 27, from your wife Carol, the kids and all of us. Have fun!

Birthday wishes also go out to my friend Lori Sheppish on July 1. Lori has been my roomie off and on all winter long and despises my love of snow. Happy birthday, honey! We shall enjoy it together — without snow!

Happy birthday to Bryan Kappenberg, our firecracker guy, on July 4, from your family and friends. Have an awesome day!

Cowgirls and cowboys will be barrel racing and pole bending July 12 at Hidden Pond Stables on North Street in Manorville. Our neighbor Shannon Hartenstein will be participating and she is good! Do go and be awed by the talent!

Happy Fourth of July! Have fun, be safe and I will talk to you next time. Bye!

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