Featured Letter: Yes, there was opposition to your marijuana editorial

(Credit: Barbaraellen Koch file)
Senator Ken LaValle. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch file)

To the editor:

Your editorial with the comment that you didn’t have a single letter or phone call against legalizing marijuana is a bald-faced lie! 

I for one wrote to you, given our experience with nieces and nephews who messed up their lives smoking marijuana and then going on to other drugs. I said I hoped your little baby girl would not be tempted when she was 10 or 11 into trying the weed and your remark (still on my computer) was that you were “more worried that she would be sent to jail or lose her job than what it would do to her brain.”

How absolutely stupid can you get?

June Bassemir, Ridge

Editor’s note: Ms. Bassemir’s personal email to editor Michael White, sent after the paper’s Jan. 9 editorial supporting medical marijuana, was overlooked in last week’s editorial, which we do regret. Mr. White’s response to Ms. Bassemir on Jan. 17 stated, in its entirety: “Of course I would like if my daughter never drank alcohol or smoked cigarettes or marijuana. Having said that, I’m a realist, and I’m much more scared of how the current laws will affect my daughter — say, for example she was arrested, lost her job, or got thrown out of school for possession of a small amount of marijuana — than I am for the actual effects of the drug’s use on her brain.”