Cops: Man leaves ‘known drug location,’ caught driving drugged


A 36-year-old Riverside man was arrested on a drugged driving charge after an officer noticed his car failing to stay in a travel lane, according to Southampton Town police. 

Bert Roner was observed “leaving a known drug location” on Old Quogue Road in Riverside Sunday at about 3:38 a.m. He then failed to maintain his lane of travel and also failed to signal a turn, according to police.

After he was pulled over, Mr. Roner failed the standard field sobriety tests, police said, but passed the pre-screen breath test given to determine if someone is drunk.

However, Mr. Roner was found in possession of a hypodermic needle and an orange straw containing a white powdery substance, which police say is an illegal drug, although they did not specify which one. A drug recognition expert from the New York State Police responded to the scene, police said.

Mr. Roner was charged with driving while ability impaired by drugs, failure to use a designated lane and failure to signal, according to police. It was not clear why he wasn’t also charged with a drug possession offense.