Wading River Column: New email, birthdays and more

I feel like Ziggy lately. The black cloud above my head is clearly labeled “Computer Problems.” Some so-called “computer geniuses” (I use the term loosely) have passed along viruses to me that have killed off two of my main tower computers. Presently, viruses are also attacking the pink laptop donated to me by my daughter. I mentioned that it’s pink, right? My favorite color? I can receive email but I can’t read it. So I must refrain from using [email protected] If you have news to share, send it to [email protected] 

Margaret Witt, mother of Montauk Bus employee Kathy Serafine, has passed away. Services were held June 29 at Alexander Tuthill Funeral Home in Wading River. She was laid to rest June 30 at Calverton National Cemetery. Kathy, I haven’t met you at the bus company yet, but I, and the SWR community, would like to express condolences to you and your family on the loss of your mom.

Belated happy 10th birthday to Devin Shea on June 24. A backyard party in her honor was held at her home June 29, attended by family and friends. Her mom and dad, who are both great cooks, made all the delicious food and entertained the adults. The children had fun using the playground equipment, swimming in the pool and jumping on the trampoline. Refreshments included a hula girl birthday cake made by Devin’s Aunt Liz. Devin wishes to thank everyone for all the great gifts she received. Also, congrats to Devin on receiving her first Holy Communion at St. John the Baptist in Wading River.

North Shore United Methodist Church had a very special night June 27 when it held an outstanding concert, Back to Bach, at which Stephen Gamboa played harpsichord and organ, accompanied by Amanda Tabor on french horn and Louise Shulman on viola. Seven pieces were performed, of which two included multiple movements; an Advent hymn; a cantata called “Wer ein wahrer Christ will heiben,” on the importance of humility; and my favorite, “Sonata in C Major, BWV 1016 for Viola and Harpsichord.” Proceeds from this event went toward the Good Samaritan House, a building that will be erected for NSUMC use, including a space for those who find themselves victims of abuse, the down-turned economy or need. Thank you, Stephen, for your incredible talent, your time and your willingness to help your fellow man.

I’m not sure what the next column will bring, but I do know that if you wish to be a part of it, please notice the change in contact information above. If you’re a praying person, I could use some blessings from heaven with this computer stuff.

Be well until we meet here again in two weeks.