Former Riverhead BID president returns in 7-4 board vote

Pickersgill in Riverhead
Ray Pickersgill can often be found near his salon downtown. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch, file)

Ray Pickersgill is back in his old position as president of the Riverhead Business Improvement District Management Association.

Mr. Pickersgill, who had served as BIDMA president for just over four years, stepped down from that position in March after the Town Board created a new executive director position, with an annual salary of $6,000, and urged the BIDMA to appoint Mr. Pickersgill to that position.

By June, however, Mr. Pickersgill had stepped down from the paid post, which was a non-voting position, and was reappointed to the BIDMA board by Supervisor Sean Walter to fill a BIDMA position recently vacated by the resignation of Ed Densieski.

On Wednesday, the BIDMA held its officers election, and Mr. Pickersgill was re-elected as president by a 7-4 margin of the 11 board members present.

Martin Sendlewski, who had been BIDMA vice president, had challenged Mr. Pickersgill for the position, as he did a year ago, and fell short.

None of the other positions were opposed contests.

Steve Shauger, the general manager of the Hyatt Place hotel on East Main Street, was elected vice president; Bill Allan, who had been president for the few months where Mr. Pickersgill was executive director, was elected treasure and Isabelle Gonzalez was elected secretary.

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