Subway restaurant, stores proposed for Flanders Road

The existing farm stand and small house on the property will be knocked down. (Credit: Tim Gannon)
The existing farm stand and small house on the property will be knocked down. (Credit: Tim Gannon)

A 6,000-square-foot building featuring a Subway sandwich shop, a pizzeria and two retail stores has been proposed for the southeast corner of Flanders Road and Glider Avenue in Flanders.

Property owner Roussi Mitev is proposing to demolish the existing residence on the property, along with other buildings on the site and build the new commercial building in their place.

Shopping center rendering.
Shopping center rendering.

The property is  0.69 acres in size and is just slightly west of a new 7-Eleven store being constructed at the southwest corner of Flanders Road and Cypress Avenue.

The Southampton Town Planning Board held what’s known as a pre-submission conference on the plan last Thursday, July 24. That’s a public hearing held on the early stages of a project, and an additional hearing will be required in the future when the site plan is more detailed, according to Southampton Planning Board chairman Dennis Finnerty.

People also can submit comments in writing to the Planning Board within the next 30 days, he added.

“The Subway is going to be like every Subway,” Mr. Mitev told the Planning Board. “We have to follow their [franchise] rules.”

He said one of the retail stores will likely sell electronics.

“That’s a pretty fast turnaround, isn’t it? With everyone coming and going,” Planning Board member Jacqui Lofaro said during last week’s hearing.

“I think this is a great asset,” said Ron Fisher, who owns the tool store on the opposite side of Glider Avenue. “These four stores will bring more business to the area.  There’s plenty of parking between his store and my store. I’ve been there 15 years and there’s never been an accident on that corner yet.”

Steve Jeski, who owns the property adjacent to Mr. Mitev on Flanders Road, said he is not opposed to the application, although he raised some concerns about traffic and parking.

“Flanders Road is not the easiest road to come in and out of,” he said.

Vince Taldone, the president of the Flanders, Riverside and Northampton Community Association, said in an interview Friday that he is aware of the proposal and plans to meet with town planners to discuss it further.

“We will be offering our thoughts on this,” he said.

The application, called Mitev Stores,  shows the entrance to the proposed shopping center coming from Flanders Road, with the stores turned to face west. There are 41 parking spaces proposed for a lot that would be located on the south and west side of the property.

The property is zoned Village Business, which permits retail and food stores. Mr. Finnerty suggested using Glider Avenue as an alternate entrance point.

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