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Calverton News: Riverhead helps introduce students to work force

Summer is not over! There are still a few more “official” weeks left; you just need to get out and enjoy it. Get going; the beach isn’t going anywhere. 

Congratulations to Todd Brewer, Nicholas Waldron, Tyler Behr and Dakota Ventresca, who each earned a silver aiguillette leadership shoulder cord for participating, along with many other cadets, in the NJROTC leadership program. Well done!

Riverhead Central School District offered a summer internship program for students who are in the process of transitioning into the adult work experience. The students were taught work skills and received hands-on experience at actual stores. What a great way to be introduced to the work force.

Belated happy birthday to Tess Corwin, who celebrated Aug. 28, from all your family and friends. We hope you had an awesome day! Belated wishes also go out to Carol Niewadomski, who celebrated Aug. 29. We love you Carol Lu! The next time I write about you there will be a grandson to tell everyone about! Lastly, belated happy birthday to Laura Barrantes, one of our newest members at Bach-Grazina Orthodontics who makes us all laugh, on Aug. 30. We hope it was incredible!

It’s back to school! I wish everyone much success. Have fun and learn!

Heaven has two new angels this week. My friend Gerry Meade has joined an oh so precious bunch last week. Thank you, Gerry, for helping to protect our country. We will miss you, my friend. Also, a beautiful girl, Kaitlyn Doorhy, has left us much too soon. Kaitlyn was not only beautiful but smart and kind as well. We will miss you, sweetheart. My love goes out to both of these families. God bless.

Take care, be safe and I will talk to you next time. Bye.

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