Sponsored Post: 5 FUN ways to stay fit in Riverhead

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Bathing suit season may be over, but that doesn’t mean your body has to stop moving. Let’s face it, the treadmill in the corner of your living room isn’t cutting it, and there are more exciting ways to stay active this fall. From nature trails to special classes to fitness challenges, here are some fun ways to stay fit in Riverhead.

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Ready for a challenge? Riverhead Recreation Department is hosting the 2014 October 30 Day Fitness Challenge this fall. The idea is simple – stay active for 55 minutes a day for 30 days! Participants will be provided with a calendar of various exercises that can be completed within 55 minutes, and offer substitutions for activities depending on what you feel most comfortable with. At the end of the challenge, a winner will be chosen based on the number of challenges completed. The registration deadline is September 30.

Aerial Fitness

Aerial Fitness

A new trend in fitness is exercising in the air. That’s right, through the use of silks and special fabrics, aerial fitness combines the styles of yoga, gymnastics, and training in a unique and fun workout program. While this type of activity may seem challenging, studios like Aerial Fitness and Hot Yoga in Riverhead offers numerous classes for all levels. The studio houses three spaces to accommodate multiple types of training in addition to aerial fitness. Classes include TRX, Hot Yoga and Pilates and the newest RealRyder Cycling studio where stationary bikes are a thing of the past as RealRyder bikes move, flow and turn with your body yielding a better workout and core challenge. It’s a fun and exciting way to keep your body going!

Stozky Park Fitness Trail

Trails & Parks

Riverhead is home to a number of nature trails and parks that are open year round. Stotzky Park has a 1-mile fitness trail with 12 stations of various exercises to enhance your outdoor experience. There are also sports courts and fields at the park for leagues or just fun one-on-one play. You can also take your bike to Veteran’s Memorial park and cycle through the 3-mile path, or go for a long, brisk run.

Maximus Gym Class Gear

New Gym, New Classes

A recent addition to the Riverhead fitness scene is the new Maximus Health & Fitness center in downtown Riverhead. The gym has a number of features and equipment for you to workout on your own, or if you prefer classes, there are options available from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m., perfect for varying schedules. Whether you want to join a spin class for indoor cycling or the energetic dance class with Zumba, there are unique ways to keep your blood pumping and body going.

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Don’t Forget The Pup!

Our four-legged friends love to play just as much as we do. Be sure to set some time aside for your pup and take him on a trip to the dog park. “Duke” Dog Park (located behind Stozky Park) is the perfect place to let your dog run free. The gated in area is secure, so you can feel free to let your dog off the leash. There are also benches and playthings for dogs beneath the shaded area, keeping you and your best friend cool.

With the cooler weather coming in, being out in the sun only gets more enjoyable. Now that you know of these great fitness activities, get out there and play!