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Wading River News: Youth group, Revelation, collects food items

As has started in September and continues through October, if you intend to make a left-hand turn off Randall Road onto Route 25A in Wading River you’d best heed the words “Go the long way.” These weekends mark a steady stream of traffic coming off William Floyd Parkway and extending to Sound Avenue. If you still insist on making a left turn onto Route 25A, expect runners and walkers to leave you in the dust. It’s a good time for the pumpkin pickers but the locals have learned to expect a crowd.

Wading River Congregational Church had a small crowd of youths gathered outside King Kullen in Wading River recently. They were collecting non-perishable food items to give to needy families for Thanksgiving. The youth group, known as Revelation, were filling bags of suggested items that will be divided among several families. Money was also welcomed as it will go toward the purchase of King Kullen food cards, enabling families to select their own items. Revelation is comprised of a nice bunch of active young men and women who have come together to perform great deeds. It welcomes all teens, not just those residing in Wading River. According to the group’s leader, Lisa Carlen, one member comes from Patchogue. The teens I met were Christian Aliperti, Nach Blunnie, Emily Blunnie, Abby Lutz, Sean Murray, Michellea Aliperti, Katye Perricone, Anna Searpinito and Zeb Gerliner, along with adult supervisors Lisa Carlen and Victor Costa. For anyone looking for an extraordinarily positive influence on their youth, with a spiritual emphasis, this may be the answer. To find out more about Revelation, call 929-8849.

Despite a few downpours, Shoreham Fire Department Co. 3’s recent annual Megabucks barbecue/raffle was a success! Ticket holders enjoyed great food and beverages and never suffered from dampened spirits. I understand that this year saw the most ticket sales ever as over 900 of the 1,000 intended tickets were sold. I love this get-together. It’s always a good time with community members, fire department members, relatives and friends. Thirty-five prizes were awarded: Winners placing 34th down to 15th received $470; 14th down to 5th received $940; 4th received $12,820; 3rd received $4,700; 2nd received $11,280; and 1st received a check for $23,500. That’s my kind of raffle. Congratulations to all the winners. See you next year!

So sorry that it’s time to say goodbye. Enjoy the lovely weather and I’ll meet you here in two weeks.

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