Firefighters extinguish fire in town-owned bulldozer in Jamesport

(Credit: Carrie Miller)
(Credit: Carrie Miller)

Volunteers from two area fire departments were called to extinguish a fire in a Riverhead Town highway department bulldozer Thursday morning.

Eddie Reeve, a town highway department worker said they returned from a break to find a puddle of oil on the ground beside the vehicle, which was up in flames.

Riverhead Town police received word of the fire about 9:45 a.m. in the town Highway department sand mine, which is located near the town dump on Manor Lane in Jamesport.

Volunteers from Jamesport Fire department and Riverhead Fire departments were called to the scene.

Workers had been using the bulldozer to move sand around earlier that morning.

Highway Superintendent Gio Woodson was not immediately available for comment.