Featured Letter: Political ad money could be better spent

To the editor:

Imagine, if instead of pouring an astounding amount of money into TV and radio ads, politicians spent campaign donations on projects that represented their values, and our needs.

In this make-believe scenario, we’d see a TV ad with Senator So-and-so standing on a newly repaired bridge telling us: I approve this method.

Congressman Good Guy might choose to build homeless shelters, contribute to medical research, build bicycle paths, fill food pantries. All projects would have to show a candidate’s authentic interest in benefiting and protecting the general public. They might choose to buy up all the assault rifles from retailers in their district. Of course, it would be expected that projects would provide jobs to both men and women – all doing the same work. Some would think it unnecessary, but a guideline would be clearly stated: equal pay for the women. Even if our choice candidate didn’t win, we’d have something tangible for our donated dollars.

Mary Ellen Tomaszewski, Laurel