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Calverton News: Kent Animal Shelter receives $23K grant

I hope all is well with everyone as we venture into mid-November and await “Turkey Day.” Since it’s been relatively warm lately there are still lots of fresh veggies at the farm stands. Keep that in mind when planning your Thanksgiving. 

Kent Animal Shelter has received a $23,300 grant from the ASPCA. This grant enables the shelter to purchase new medical equipment, which will help them spay/neuter more puppies and kittens to help keep the population down. Congratulations!

The Halloween candy buy-back program sponsored by Bach Grazina Orthodontics continues to be a tremendous success. At last check the staff has collected 4,000 pounds of candy from local schools. Thanks to Dina Riley, who worked so hard to make this possible, our military troops will enjoy a huge variety of goodies.

On Saturday, my son, Rob, carried on a tradition that goes back many years in our family — he went scalloping in the Peconic Bay. The best part is that my 4-year-old granddaughter, Julia, now knows how to open them all by herself. She did so well and, like her Grandma Amma, discovered they are delicious without being cooked. I’m so proud! Thanks, Rob.

I hope everyone remembered what Veterans Day is truly about. We thank each of you who have kept us safe and those who continue to do so every day. God bless.

Happy birthday to two of my favorite girls from Manorville who now reside in North Carolina — Patti Smith and her daughter, Cassie. Patti celebrated Nov. 11; Cassie will celebrate Saturday, Nov. 15. I love you both dearly and hope you both have a wonderful birthday.

Belated happy eighth wedding anniversary to Shannon and Eric Hartenstein, who celebrated Oct. 29. Our love to you both! Anniversary wishes also go out to Danielle and Deejay Chase, who celebrated Oct. 30. Thanks for being a big part of our lives. We adore you both. Congratulations.

My next column has an early deadline. Any news for the Nov. 27 issue needs to get to me by Thursday, Nov. 20. Please keep that in mind.

Until then, be safe, have a good week and I shall talk to you soon. Bye.

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