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Calverton News: Need a buddy? Visit Kent Animal Shelter

OK, it’s time for the rain to end. It is December after all. Let it snow! (Don’t give me that look!)

Riverhead Central School District deserves congratulations! It raised $5,000 for the Special Olympics at its Polar Plunge event at Cedar Beach in Mount Sinai Nov. 22. We are very proud of all of you for representing the district. Awesome job! 

Keep Kent Animal Shelter in mind while Christmas shopping. Our little friends can surely use some nice warm blankets, towels, food and toys. Donations can be dropped off at Kent and are so appreciated. Need a new buddy for the holidays? You can find one at Kent. Go and rescue a new friend.

Happy 4th birthday to my granddaughter, Julia, Thursday, Dec. 11. She celebrated with her friends at a party last Sunday and had so much fun. I love you, my little girl. Gramma Amma, Mommy, Daddy, Aiden, Auntie Jamie, and all your family and friends also love you very much and send you happy birthday wishes, sweetie.

Before Julia’s party, we went to the Santa Claus parade in downtown Riverhead. It was really nice! I haven’t been to a parade in a long time. It brought back memories of when I rode my horse in them. Everyone who participated did a great job. See you next year!

A very happy birthday to one of my favorite people, Florence Danowski of Calverton, on Dec. 18. Your family and friends, especially yours truly, wish you a very perfect day. We all love you dearly. Happy birthday, honey!

If you have an artificial tree and miss the smell of pine, head outside and cut some fresh greens. Create a mixture of some cedar and white pine — any nicely scented pines — and put them in a vase with cold water. You’ll be amazed! No need to purchase pine, it can be found everywhere. Enjoy.

I have an early deadline for the Dec. 25 column. If there’s any news you’d like to share, please get it to me by Dec. 18. My next column after the Dec. 25 issue won’t appear again until Jan. 15. Another year is almost done — please keep that in mind.

Until next time, be safe and I shall talk to you then. Take care, bye.

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