Featured Letter: Board should reject gas terminal expansion

I am somewhat appalled by hearing of the possibility of gasoline distribution at the United Riverhead Terminal in Northville. 

Not only would this be potentially dangerous, due to the combination of gasoline, ethanol and natural gas, which is extremely combustible, it is a possible terrorist target we do not need.

The area surrounding this site has grown into several large communities that could be in harm’s way.

The addition of 12 53-foot tankers on roads not designed for this traffic will be a nightmare also. Once some trucks are allowed, we all know that can increase exponentially. There is no turning radius for these tankers, so backing up and returning is a definite.

Our roads are congested enough, especially on weekends and during the summer, so this will be chaos.

Please support the effort to stop this money-grabbing effort and send a strong message to the Town Board!

Jeff McCarthy, Aquebogue