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Wading River News: Raising funds for worthy causes

North Shore United Methodist Church uses the funds generated at its thrift store for worthy causes. Some have dropped off items for resale and some have shopped the contents of the shop. Whatever your contribution was, the church thanks you for your support and would like you to know that the thrift store is now closed and will open again in February. 

Wading River did that wonderful thing again that they do every year on Dec. 14. Pulling out all the bells and whistles to create an absolute spectacle of attention, Engine 10 and Engine 11 accompanied a white Wading River Fire Department pickup truck that brought Santa Claus to town. The jolly old man sat in the bed of the truck in a lounge chair and had treats for kids that could make it past their excitement and get their legs to work to walk over to him. My neighbor stood there with her dog in her arms, who at that moment was in the process of running away — “Ruby the escape artist.” Liza Murphy’s daughter, Summer, was out with her mom and actually approached Santa Claus to get some nice candy bags. Brother Timmy Murphy was brave enough to meet his sister on her way back to the house and relieve her of one of her bags of candy. Thanks for sharing, Summer. We want to wish the Murphy family and all the families of Wading River and Shoreham a merry, merry Christmas. Thank you, Wading River Fire Department, for creating so much excitement in our community.

Happy birthday to my daughter, Janet, who turned 29 on Dec. 17. Janet graced us with her presence in 1985 and came into the world with such a wide-eyed, fully alert look on her face. My husband stood there, holding her in his arms, and just thought, “Uh, oh, this one is saying, ‘Look out world, I’m here.’ ” We are so proud of you, Janet, with what you have accomplished, and we marvel at your strength, beauty and courage. We love you very much.

I would like to thank First Student Corporation for giving me the opportunity to finally work for them. I have passed the Shoreham bus yard for years wanting to become part of the organization. This year, you gave me a new home and we are now family. I thank the nice people I work for and with. I won’t remember everyone’s name, so please keep that in mind. Thank you: Tom, Connie, Jerry, Chris, Carol, Andrea, Sean, Kelly, Valerie, Kim, Holly, Santi, Kevin, Guy, Jean, Lisa, AnneMarie, Debbie, Barbara, Dave, Archie, Bonnie, Joyce, Kerry, Judy, Virginia, Joe, Sean, Danny, Adrian, Dave, Jaime, Maryann, Dee, Joe, Mark, John and Bob. Thank you for your little tidbits of information to help me along and for welcoming me into the fold.

After Christmas, when Santa Claus has delivered every toy in his sled to every child and eaten every cookie that was left for him with a glass of milk, he settles in for a warm winter’s nap. So does this column. I must bid you adieu for two weeks to catch up on my winter naps while the Riverhead News-Review does special things behind the scenes. I will miss you and want you to know that the next time you will see me is Jan. 15. If you have any news to send along, contact me by Sunday, Jan. 11, at the below email address.

Merry Christmas, everyone, happy new year and I’ll see you soon.

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