RECAP: Town board tables flyboarding regulations

Live Blog Riverhead Town Board Meeting 12-30-2014
After months of discussions to regulate flyboarding, and then a statement by the town supervisor that Riverhead is “not the place” for the activity, the town board held off on holding another public hearing on regulating the use of “jet packs” in town.
Flyboarding involves being thrust into the air by water-propelled jetpacks that are attached to people’s feet and powered by a jet ski. The activity has been run by Jim Bissett IV, the son of Long Island Aquarium co-founder Jim Bissett III, over the past season.
However what might seem like a fun activity has found itself the subject of several town hall discussions over regulation. Some neighbors have complained about noise coming from the activity, and Councilman Jim Wooten has said “The bottom line is it’s just not safe.”
Also on Tuesday’s agenda is recognition for town employees who are retiring, as well as resolutions to accept funding for two different grants — one for creating an agritourism center downtown, and another for creating historical district signs.
Read live coverage of Tuesday’s meeting below: