Moustache Brewing Co. to nearly quadruple its beer output

Matt and Laurie Spitz. (Credit: Vera Chinese)
Moustache Brewing Co. owners Matt and Lauri Spitz. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

Fans of Moustache Brewing Co.’s roster of creatively named beers rejoice. The Riverhead microbrewery will soon nearly quadruple its maximum output.

Matt and Lauri Spitz, the husband and wife team behind the Hallet Ave. operation, are expecting to add two new seven-barrel fermentation tanks within the next two weeks. Moustache currently ferments all of its beers in five one-barrel tanks, a tiny operation in comparison to even other local craft breweries.

“It means we can brew more. We’ve really only been able to satisfy [demand in] our tasting room,” Mr. Spitz told northforker. “It’s still small, but it’s more than what we’ve had.”


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