Featured Letter: Exposure is critical to stop Common Core

To the editor:

Diane Ravitch posted a link to the Times/Review Guest Spot by Superintendent Steven Cohen. The Ravitch blog has 17,000,000 views across the world so the report has reached a large audience, including people like me, in Ohio. Dr. Cohen’s article gives those of us in the Midwest hope that the privatization and corporatization efforts by N.Y. hedge funds and tech moguls from the West Coast can be stopped. Both the students and taxpayers of the 99 percent deserve better from our government. Thank you for making the public aware of the travesty of false reformers, by devoting space to the publication of the superintendent’s piece.

Neither Microsoft’s announcement this summer that they have a deal with Pearson to develop curriculum for copyrighted Common Core nor Bill Gates’ “charitable spending” to promote Common Core is reported in the press.

Linda Bricker, Ohio