Riverhead woman in $1M scheme sentenced to one year in jail


Asli Dincer, the Riverhead woman accused of sending false bomb threats to a Jewish house of worship in the Hamptons and of trying to bilk an elderly Westhampton man out of his estate, pleaded guilty in both cases Tuesday in county court in Central Islip.

She was sentenced to one year in jail and will be deported to her native Turkey when the sentence has been served, county court Judge Fernando Camacho said.

Ms. Dincer, 44, has been in jail since July 11 and that time will count toward her one-year sentence, according to her attorney, Jack Piana.

She pleaded guilty to a pair of misdemeanors, charges that were lower than the felonies she originally faced. Judge Camacho sentenced Ms. Dincer to one year in jail for each count — third-degree falsely reporting an incident and fourth-degree attempted grand larceny — but ordered the sentences to run concurrently.

“This disposition was the most efficient way to effect her return back to Turkey, which was her principal concern,” Mr. Piana said outside the court afterward.

He said Ms. Dincer had no prior arrests and was in the U.S. legally, first on a work visa and then on a tourist visa.

In court, Ms. Dincer spoke through a Turkish interpreter and merely answered “yes” in Turkish to questions from assistant district attorney Mary Skiber and Judge Camacho, declining to say anything further.

In the second case, Ms. Skiber said that on Nov. 13, 2013, Ms. Dincer took Murray C. Frank, an elderly Westhampton resident and Air Force veteran, on a Hampton Jitney bus to New York City to meet an attorney and execute a will that would make her the executor and the sole beneficiary of his entire estate when he died.

Mr. Frank, who lived alone and was known to attend most Village Board meetings, often hung around the Westhampton 7-Eleven, where Ms. Dincer worked for a time. He owned property on Old Riverhead Road in Westhampton that was worth about $1.75 million.

“You told him that if he gave you the property, you would marry him?” Ms. Skiber asked in court.

“Evet,” Ms. Dincer said, answering with the Turkish word for “yes.”

“You had no intention of marrying him,” Ms. Skiber said. “You tricked Murray Frank into believing you were his girlfriend, right?”

“Evet,” Ms. Dincer responded.

This went on for several months, Ms. Skiber said.

As part of her sentencing Tuesday, Ms. Dincer renounced her position as executor of Mr. Frank’s will.

Mr. Frank died of natural causes on May 16, 2014. His sister, his only remaining relative, died a few days later.

Mr. Piana said Mr. Frank’s property will likely go to New York State.

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