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Calverton News: A 30-year anniversary for Pamela Green

What a nice, warm Sunday we had! I so enjoyed scraping the ice, which had melted a bit, off the driveway. But now we’re skating again, with icy conditions. Snow is good, ice is bad — unless it’s in your glass.

NASCAR is back! Welcome home to those lucky ones who got to attend. 

Just a reminder: It’s time to pick your forsythia branches and bring them inside. Put them in water and in a few weeks you’ll see blooms. Be careful of the ice.

Congratulations to Pamela Green, executive director at Kent Animal Shelter, who will celebrate 30 years working there on Feb. 28! Kent started out with just three employees and a handful of animals and now the organization is nationally recognized. In 2009, they were awarded Shelter of the Year! Kent does so many wonderful things to help our little friends. Their next step is to build a bigger shelter. Stay tuned here for more information on how you can help.

The Riverhead Community Awareness Program held its third annual Bowling Bonanza fundraiser this past week at The All Star in Riverhead. CAP was founded in 1979 by volunteers to address problems caused by alcohol and drugs within the Riverhead schools and community. We thank you for all you do.

Riverhead High School celebrated Black History Month Feb. 13. Aquebogue, Roanoke and Riley Avenue schools also participated. RHS’s Step and Dance team put on a super performance. Also, the Martin Luther King Award was presented to Salvatore Loverde and Robert Brown. Congratulations to you both!

I get to see my daughter, Jamie, this weekend. She’ll be coming home to celebrate birthday, which is today, Feb. 26. I love you, Jamie! I, as well as those babies, will make sure you have a great, fun-filled day.

Happy birthday to my neighbor Joan Niegocki on Feb. 27. I’m sure I can help you with your birthday, too. It should be a fun weekend in the neighborhood.

OK, all you winter haters! There are only 22 days till spring and on March 8 we change our clocks by springing ahead. So chill out and go pick some forsythia sticks. It will make you happy. Till next time, be safe, take care. Bye.

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