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Wading River News: Finding a pet at Kent Animal Shelter

It seems like it was just yesterday my 10-year-old son’s class from Wading River Elementary School went on a field trip with their teacher, Jacqueline Savelli, to visit Kent Animal Shelter in Calverton. Ms. Savelli was passionate about dogs and teaching children that “no kill” shelters need our help to save these beautiful creatures that are an absolute gift to us. When our son came home that day he had told us about a roan-colored pit bull that walked across the backs of all the other dogs to get to him. Well, the die was cast and Casey became ours. Since then we’ve adopted one more pit bull, an almost-pure-black female with some white on her chest and toes. She is equally as wonderful as Casey and the adoption cost was minimal. This week, Kent’s executive director, Pamela Green, marks 30 years at the helm of the shelter. Thank you, Pamela, for the two beautiful dogs we adopted. To make a donation to the shelter or for more information on adoption, visit, call 727-5731, or visit the shelter at 2259 River Road in Calverton.

According to the sign outside C.K. Auto in Wading River, “Congratulations” are in order for Erin Bosch and her husband, Ryan, on the birth of their daughter, Loretta Frances Driscoll, who weighed 7 pounds. Welcome to the world, sweetheart.

Birth is a reminder that life springs from almost nothing. The sun is taking over more and more of the day and it won’t be long until March brings us more agreeable conditions. It happens an inch at a time.

Achieving goals also happens an inch at a time, such as monies raised from donations. North Shore United Methodist Church, 260 Route 25A in Wading River, uses the proceeds from its thrift shop to help reach its goals. The shop is open Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Whether you wish to donate gently used items or purchase them for cents on the dollar, you’ll be helping by making a contribution to them. Call 929-4203 for more information.

By the next time we meet, there’s sure to be a positive sign in the weather. It has been one long, harsh winter but time is on our side.

If you have some news to share with the rest of the community, email me at the address above.

See you in two weeks!

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