These 10 things happened in Riverhead this week

Riverhead Week in Review March 8

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1. Last week, the town supervisor proposed cuts in the tax receiver and assessor’s offices. This was the response he got.

2. A Riverhead high school senior won a pair of state track and field medals Saturday.

3. This guy went to Jared (to work) and allegedly stole $3,000 worth of jewelry.

4. PSEG officials came to Riverhead for a public hearing on rate hikes. How do you think folks responded?

5. Materials dumped on the recreational path at EPCAL were tested for hazardous substances. This is what they tested positive for.

6. Kings Park man free on bail after being found with one semiautomatic gun at his waist, another in his car and a knife in his hand while shopping at this Riverhead store.

7. Riverhead’s fire chiefs asked for more fire marshals.

8. He ran from police. This was his alleged crime.

9 and 10. It’s Long Island. It’s March. So, naturally, this happened. And then this.