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Calverton News: At Riley Avenue, parents become reading partners

We said goodbye to my cousin Geoff Borsella last week and we did it in a wonderful way, with a perfect blend of family and dear friends. Geoff enjoyed reading my column so I thought it only fitting to start off talking about him. Geoff gave us “kids” awesome memories: From the Bronx — where he worked and where little farm kids visited with eyes wide open, full of fear, awe, and amazement — we saw his life. And from the ponds of Manorville, where we saw his move to the country to our family’s homestead. We loved him dearly. So, to his wife, Angela, and son, Chris, we shall all treasure our individual memories and hold them close to our hearts. I’d like to share a quote Geoff used to say from way back in the day: “Write if you get work.” God bless.

Well, we have sprung ahead and spring is just one week away. I want all you snow-haters to know that I have put away all snowflakes and related items, as I am also ready to move on!

Kent Animal Shelter needs a new home. The existing structures have reached such a critical stage of deterioration that the shelter may have to cease to exist. In order to rebuild, Kent needs approval from the Central Pine Barrens Commission, which will make its decision March 18. Please help Kent by signing its online petition at or call 727-5731. Kent is a no-kill shelter and they need our support!

I love Riley Avenue Elementary School. I’ve been volunteering there for 30 years or so. I went back Friday to read to Jill Kruger’s class as part of Parents As Reading Partners Week. What a class! The children were attentive, polite, curious and kind and I was thrilled to be a tiny part of their day. Once again, thanks for asking me to participate!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all! Now that the snow is melting, what a fun time it is to get out, celebrate, and enjoy the parades.

OK, I am ready to walk on bare ground again. My Yorkie, Brookie, and I have gotten quite good at walking like penguins but we both can’t wait to walk like we did prior to winter!

Be safe, have sunny warm days, and I shall talk to you next time. Bye.

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