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Video: More baby owls rescued from nest in Southold

Baby owls were recused Monday at same home another owl was saved last week. (Credit: Joseph DiVello)
These two baby owls were recused Monday at same house where another owl was saved last week. (Credit: Joseph DiVello)

Baby owls are having a tough time staying in their nest at one Southold property.

Four days after a local real estate agent and animal rescue crews helped a juvenile great horned owl back into its tree after it had fallen, two babies found themselves in a similar situation Sunday.

This time it was Century 21 realtor Joseph DiVello to the rescue.

Mr. DiVello was showing the home when he discovered not one, but two baby owls in the same place co-worker Sandra De Rose found a fallen owl last Thursday.

“I noticed a very large great horned owl swooping over my head,” Mr. DiVello said. “I thought it was strange to see an owl out in the middle of the day, when I looked down, these two babes were looking up at me.”

Unsure of what do to for the animals, Mr. DiVello decided to leave them alone, but the power of social media changed his mind.

“I posted a picture online and people came out of the woodwork telling how to help them,” he said.

One of those people was Mark Anderson, a friend of Mr. DiVello’s and an animal rescue volunteer.

The two went back Monday morning, put the two owls in a makeshift nest made out of a basket and propped them back up into the tree where mother owl was waiting.

Video credit: Joseph DiVello