Shoreham-Wading River School District

In SWR budget, tech, athletics and community programs all see increases

Superintendent Steven Cohen and board president William McGrath at Tuesday's school board meeting. (Credit: Paul Squire)
Superintendent Steven Cohen and board president William McGrath at Tuesday’s school board meeting. (Credit: Paul Squire)

Warrantees for new computer equipment, new uniforms and equipment for the district’s sports teams and more community programs.

That’s what Shoreham-Wading River Superintendent Steven Cohen has proposed for the 2015-16 school year, according to a budget presentation made at Tuesday’s school board meeting. 

Dr. Cohen has previously said the district’s budget should increase by .9 percent in total from the previous spending plan. That increase could be paid for while keeping the district within the state-mandated tax levy limit of 1.5072 percent.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Dr. Cohen explained how programs will remain intact from this school year. He reviewed the technology, athletics, curriculum and staff development, community programs, health services, and personnel budget items — which in total make up just 2 percent of the budget.

The vast majority of the district’s budget pays for employee salaries and benefits.

According to Dr. Cohen, all but the health services section of the budget are due for increases (the health services line will remain the same).

About $96,000 has been added to the tech line of the budget to pay for warrantees on the district’s newly purchased upgrades, as well as replacements for “aging” equipment like printers and network switches. The added money will also pay for more licensing for student and teacher programs, according to the presentation.

The number of athletic teams will remain the same into 2015-16, Dr. Cohen said. The increase in that part of the budget will cover new equipment for the lacrosse teams, as well as new soccer goals.

A budget approval will allow for more workshops for staff and for staff recruitment and training, Dr. Cohen said.

School board president William McGrath praised the proposal at the end of Dr. Cohen’s presentation.

“I doubt we can ask for more,” he said. “[The proposal] covers everything we need to cover.”

Dr. Cohen will present a detailed look at how the district plans to increase revenues for the budget at the board’s next meeting later this month.

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