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Calverton News: Help track migratory birds

It’s feeling pretty good out there. No 90 degrees yet, just a nice spring. But please beware, we have the next full moon, the “full flower” moon, on May 3, and full moons in spring and fall usually mean a frost. Just wait to plant those flowers a bit longer, you won’t be sorry. 

Calverton lost a wonderful friend last week. Walter Duncan went to heaven, without a doubt. He was one of the kindest men I knew. You are so missed “Waltise” (sorry about the nickname, I just had to!). Love you.

On May 9, you can count the birds in your yard and join many other people as we track migratory birds that travel across continents, and even hemispheres, heading to their nesting grounds. Please join Cornell Cooperative Extension as this is a big day for them — they are holding a fundraiser and would love any help we can give them. Please contact them to help, and go to to track your backyard buddies.

Our friends at Kent Animal Shelter were having their fundraiser this Friday, April 24, at Hotel Indigo, featuring an evening of comedy, complete with hors d’oeuvres, a scavenger hunt, chinese auction, pets for adoption and so much more.

A big congratulations to AJ, who lives in Wading River and whom I met for three minutes. He is a kid with a go kart who won his first race ever at Riverhead Raceway, having never even raced before. I am impressed, kiddo! NASCAR, here we come?

Ant season is upon us — here they come. Drawing a simple line of chalk up your hummingbird feeder pole will keep the ants away. They do not like chalk, and if you know how they are getting in your home, go invest in some sidewalk chalk and keep them out! Reapply frequently and you will be a happy camper!

Till next time, be safe, take care, bye.

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