Open Letter: Little League president stepping down

I have been involved in Riverhead Little League since 1996 when I began to coach my son Anthony in t-ball. I later became League President until 2002. I took a break to coach my son’s travel team for a few years. I was soon asked to come back by the members of the Board because the league was beginning to slip a bit and I have been the President ever since. I write this letter to the community of Riverhead because I am now moving on to a new chapter in my life and I am afraid the league will fall apart and dissolve completely, and we need members of the community to step up now to stop this from becoming a reality.

For the last three years the remaining board members and I have asked people to step up and help Riverhead Little League and we have been sadly disappointed when only a small number have. It takes about 10 people to run an effective board. We have been doing it with no more than five.

I have watched our two neighboring leagues, Flanders and Shoreham, dissolve completely over the past two years because of the same problem.  Once I leave my position as President next year, there will only be two people left to run the entire league.  This is an impossible task and I am afraid if the league is left to only two people it will have the same fate as our two neighboring leagues.

This is not something we want for our kids who enjoy this league so much. Riverhead Little League has been a place for our kids and their families to come year after year, and it would be a great disservice to them if we let the league dissolve because nobody wants to be a part of running it.  I have enjoyed my years with Riverhead Little League immensely and I believe those that step up and become a Board member would enjoy their time as well.

The league has been in our community for over 60 years and should continue for many, many more.  It needs your help now.  We need you to volunteer your time and talents in advance so that by the time I am gone, Riverhead Little League will be left in good hands and our kids and their families can continue to enjoy many more years of everything the league has to offer.