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Wading River News: Prom dress sale a big success

Bringing in the potted flowers at dusk had always been the routine for the community, but now that it’s May the plantings can stay out all night.

The plantings at the 9/11 memorial at Shoreham Fire Company No. 3 are beautiful. The yellows and purples next to the walkway really catch your eye. If you haven’t visited you may drop by at any time. Questions about donations? Call 744-7155 or write to RPFD Memorial Fund Inc., P.O. Box 702, Shoreham, NY 11786. 

The community was recently alerted to a prom dress sale at Wading River Congregational Church. Doug Carlen came up with the idea to sell gently used prom dresses, most of which are only worn once, to raise money for the Youth Group’s international mission trip. The sale was a big success. According to Doug’s wife, Lisa, who supervises the Youth Ministry along with her husband and Donna Aliperti, “It was great. People donated beautiful gowns and everyone that came in left with a beautiful dress for a great price.” It was the first time an event like this had been held but, according to Lisa, it won’t be the last. “Perhaps in February for Valentine’s Day, along with a chocolate tasting, we’ll have another one before the prom dress shopping season.” For more info or to make donations, call 929-8849 or mail to 2057 North Country Rd., Wading River, NY 11792.

Happy birthday to my brother, Nelson J. Newton, my dad, Jay Nelson Newton, my cousin Annemarie McNeill Corwin and my friends Elaine LaMagna and Cheryl Gaiser.

Nelson J.’s birthday was April 13; Annemarie, Cheryl and my dad, April 26; and Elaine, April 27. To my brother and dad, watching from heaven, you are loved and missed.

Birthday wishes also go out to Wading River resident Joanne Buhler, born 21 years ago; and my grandfather in heaven, Jake, born May 13.

Thank you for coming to this space, dear readers. And thank you for the calls, cards and well wishes. It was lovely to sit down with Wading River resident Laura LaSita for a cup of tea. I’d also like to give a personal thank you to Wading River resident Kim Stoll for her call. My healing is over, I’m feeling good and it’s time for me to go back to work.

Have a nice two weeks, everyone.

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