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Calverton News: Veterans to receive full discount on adoption fees at Kent

It feels so good to be warm again, doesn’t it? Leaving the bedroom window open at night and not having a frozen nose when you wake up in the morning is such a joy. The strawberries, however, are going to be a little late this year due to the cooler spring temps but they’re looking good. In the meantime, eat your spinach, asparagus and lettuce.

Kent Animal Shelter, on River Road in Calverton, recently advertised 50 percent off adoption fees for all veterans. However, thanks to Dotti Donaldson, the discount is now 100 percent! Dotti is covering the other 50 percent in honor of her husband, who’s a Vietnam veteran. This offer is good through June 2015. Thank you, Dotti, for your generosity. I hope everyone gets a brand-new friend.

Kent has been spaying feral cats for two years now. All cats must be brought in using traps, which are available at Kent. After they’re spayed they’ll be ear-tipped to show they were once feral and are now spayed. For more information, call Kent at 727-5731.

Riley Avenue Elementary School unveiled a new mural recently and it’s simply beautiful. Joyce Raimondo, artist in residence, spent several days with the children and art teacher Melissa Haupt. The mural, located in the brand-new cafeteria, displays teamwork, respect, and kindness — concepts Riley has always taught its students. Thank you to all who helped out.

Art in Action was once again held at Riverhead High School, which included artwork by students throughout the district. We do indeed have some amazing talent.

Congratulations to Scott Kulesa, who won his first race this year in the Late Model division at Riverhead Raceway. Scott was a Calverton resident for many years before moving to Massachusetts. And, yes, he makes that ferry commute as often as he can to come down and win races. I hope this is our year for a championship. Good luck, Scott.

Happy Memorial Day to each and every one of you. Take the time to remember our vets and say a thank you to them for keeping us safe.

Until next time, be safe, have fun, and I shall talk to you soon. Take care, bye.

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