Sponsored Post: Creating the lifestyle you deserve for your retirement


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This is the second post in Peconic Landing’s community education series about retirement. View the other posts HERE


Have you given a thought to how you will be spending your golden years? There’s much to learn, and plenty to consider.“As we age we can’t just coast; we must continue moving, learning and staying engaged with life… or, we rust,” said Dr. Roger Landry, a preventive medicine physician who strives to help Americans age successfully. It was one of the many takeaways from his recent presentation at Peconic Landing, an event designed to help inspire and educate members about taking control of the aging process.

Taking control of that process starts with understanding and reevaluating your lifestyle, Dr. Landry said. Do you have an activity or pastime that excites you to get out of bed in the morning? Or, do you find yourself meandering throughout your days, watching television or reading just about anything to help you pass the time? This type of evaluation can be done at any age, helping people to create personal goals, stay focused and put them on the path to a lifestyle that keeps them happier and healthier, longer.
Retirement, he says, is not just about relaxation.


“Our current model is very unrealistic; where we think only about leisure. People believe the only reason to move into a place like Peconic Landing is for its comfort and security,” he said. “But the research is clear: we need to stay connected and grow upon our activity.” Instead, think of your retirement as a time to explore the passions and interests that you didn’t have time to entertain between raising children, or excelling in that career.

Peconic Landing makes it easy for its members – and members of the greater community – to get involved. With multiple events and community offerings, there is ample opportunity to “stay connected.” The organization offers Cultural Arts and educational opportunities through performances, guest speakers and even semester-long Lifetime Learning classes. It offers unique courses like “Understanding the Mysteries of Human Behavior,” and “The Skeptics Guide to American History,” as well as classic offerings like learning a second language or poetry appreciation. Course offerings are revamped each semester.

“We invite you to come on campus and get involved in one of the many things we have going on here,” said Patricia Lutzky, VP of Resident Services. “These opportunities are here to help you stay active, stay engaged, and allow you to challenge yourself.” Peconic Landing is also home to more than 30 clubs and committees, offering everything from a drama committee, affectionately named “The Old Fools Repertory,” to writing for the campus newspaper or television channels, to a Veterans Group where those who have served share their experiences, ensuring national holidays are celebrated appropriately.

You should also consider joining or volunteering with one of the many happenings going on in your local community; whether it be with a nonprofit like your local hospital auxiliary, a religious institution, or participating in one of the many recreational opportunities offered through your town.

Staying involved and allowing yourself something to look forward to is a key component of a healthy lifestyle. Be sure to visit us next month for the next post in Peconic Landing’s community education series about retirement: Wellness