Coates to lead Democratic ticket for Riverhead Town elections 2015

upervisor nominee addresses the Riverhead Town Democratic Committee after his nomination for supervisor Tuesday evening. (Credit: Tim Gannon)
Supervisor nominee Anthony Coates addresses the Riverhead Town Democratic Committee after his nomination for supervisor Tuesday evening. (Credit: Tim Gannon)

At one point it seemed like it could be a rematch of the 2013 supervisor’s race. And then it didn’t. And at one point, Supervisor Sean Walter’s former political ally, Anthony Coates, announced that he was running against him as a Democrat. And then he wasn’t. And then he was.

Follow? Don’t worry. The rumors are over.

The Riverhead Democrats announced their slate for this fall’s election on Tuesday night, nominating Mr. Coates for supervisor and Neil Krupnick and Laura Jens-Smith for Town Board.

In his speech after the vote, Mr. Coates told committee members he accepted the nomination “with absolute, resolute, determination to take back Town Hall for the people of Riverhead.”

“You will hear this phrase from me many times between now and November: We are the poorest, most indebted, lowest bond rated, highest taxed town on the East End,” he said. “That is the legacy of six years of one-party legacy government in this town.”

In her speech to the committee, Ms. Jens-Smith said: “Poor decisions and poor planning have left us with a congested and overcrowded Route 58 and a worsening financial crisis. We need a vision for the future and a plan to get there. We cannot continue to stand by and accept whatever comes our way. All development is not created equal. Empty promises of a fiscal savior is not a plan for Riverhead. That is why we need new leadership in Riverhead.”

Mr. Krupnick said, “I think we have a great chance of reclaiming town hall.”

Jeanne Marie Costello was nominated to run for town justice, the incumbent Diane Wilhelm for town clerk and Greg Fisher is the Democratic candidate for assessor

Angela DeVito, who lost to Supervisor Sean Walter, announced at the end of March that she would be gunning for the supervisor’s seat again, just days after Mr. Coates said he would be seeking the Democratic nomination. After Mr. Coates bowed out in deference to Ms. DeVito, Ms. DeVito dropped out herself, leaving the vacuum to be filled by Mr. Coates and political newcomer Glen Friedman

Mr. Friedman did not receive any votes from the committee.

Edward Knoedler and Denise Lucas also screened for Town Board.

The election for those seats went as followed:

Neil Krupnick 2,607

Laura Jens-Smith 2,136.5

Denise  Lucas 1,429.5

Ed Knoebler   642.5

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