Riverhead School District

For first time since 2012, 13 years without an absence

Karla Vanston with RHS Principal Charles Regan (left) and Assistant Principal Sean O'Hara. (Credit: Riverhead school district)
Karla Vanston with RHS Principal Charles Regan (left) and Assistant Principal Sean O’Hara. (Credit: Riverhead school district)

Neither snow nor rain nor sickness nor senioritis kept Riverhead High School senior Karla Vanston from attending school this year — or any other year, for that matter.

Ms. Vanston, in a Cal Ripken Jr.-like feat of consistency, concluded high school after 13 consecutive years in which she was not absent a single time — the first time a graduating senior could say that since 2012.

She and 80 other Riverhead students were honored recently for perfect attendance in the 2014-15 school year.

0-Karla-Vanston-13-years“On a day when many students might have stayed home or went to the beach instead of school, these students showed up,” Don Nelson, attendance officer for the school, said in a press release.

Despite her accomplishment — dubbed “amazing” and “incredible” by Assistant Principal Patrick Burke — Ms. Vanston gave a modest statement.

“I never really had a reason to miss school,” she said in the press release. “I’m probably influenced by my mother, who never misses a day of work.”

Ms. Vanston becomes the fourth student in the past six years to finish her time at Riverhead High School with 13 years of perfect attendance along with Jalyn Brown in 2012, Danielle Buchanan in 2009 and Peter Marino in 2010.

However, she confessed that she did miss a single softball game during three seasons on the team.

“I was so sick I just couldn’t play,” she said.

She will graduate from Riverhead and pursue a psychology degree at Stony Brook University as a recipient of the Michael Corey Scholarship.

Senior Rebecca Edwards was also honored for perfect attendance in the final six years of her educational career.

Kathy Hamilton, who is responsible for managing the school’s attendance records, said this is the first time that 81 students have achieved perfect attendance in the same school year.

Here’s an entire list:

3 Years

Kristian Gates
Milce Garcia
Sara Helgans
Andrew Teresky
Dillon Wiggins
Maya Williams

2 Years

Christian Baron
Sarah Bornstein
Alexander Bowe
Abygaele Brophy
Ryan Buchanan
Jocabed Caraballo
Janelle Carey
Christionna Carini
Justin Clement
Tyrick Clement
Peter Cook
Carley Hayon
Brendan Krumbiegel
Richard Lucas
Peter Panciocco
Casey Plitt
William Sanders
Cole Seuling
Roy Vazquez

1 Year 

Jake Ackley
Benjamin  Allen
Steven Ascanio
Karyn Borner
Ariana Breest
Willy Brenes Montoya
Kimberlyn Brown Ligon
Jacobo Camey Puluc
Shania Daniel
Timothy Dominici
Aimee Drexel
Bryan Dubon Villavicencio
Alex Estrada Cortez
Natasha Fetkovich
Jennifer Galvan
Kathleen Gregory
Tyrese Henry
Vanessa Hernandez (gr. 10)
Gwendolyn Hilles
Faith Johnson-DeSilvia
Kaitlyn Keane
Brandon Kelly
Keshawn Lamb
Emma Leja
Susana Llamas
Dalton Lucas
Zachary Manuel
Patrick Marchetti
Taylor Marelli
Erik Markowski
Emily Masse
Andraa McCarthy
Brayan Miguel Perez
Jared Miller
Brianne Miller
Cole Montefusco
Xaviah Moore
Anthony Muralles
Laurence Nash
Hannah O’Neill
Rudy Polanco
Joshua Quito
Christopher Russo
Stephanie Saletel
Eleeam Sanchez Espinoza
Cesar Sauceda
Alexis Schmidt
Jorge Tepach Cardona
Mary Teresky
Marcelo Viscalla-Diaz
Mark Yat Velasquez
Shakeem Young
Maggie Zhang
Jacob Zuhoski