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Calverton News: Mark your calendar’s for next month’s chicken barbecue

So, here it is already — July Fourth. It sure doesn’t feel like July or early summer but I’m perfectly OK with that. Local sweet corn is here! Support your local farmers. 

Baiting Hollow Congregational Church will hold its annual chicken barbecue Aug. 1. I will give you more details as the date approaches but I have to say, this event is amazing! They use all local produce and it’s simply delicious.

There’s lots of birthdays to talk about. My friend Lori, who recently moved to North Carolina, will celebrate July 2. I hope it’s perfectly special for you, Lori. My uncle Larry Taylor will celebrate July 3. We hope you have a great, happy day, Larry. Bryan Kappenberg is our “firecracker” baby as he celebrates July 4. Happy birthday from your wife, kids, and all your family and friends, Bryan.

Belated wishes to Calverton resident Frank Darrow, who not only celebrated his birthday June 28 but also his 34th wedding anniversary with his wife, Sammi. We hope you guys had a wonderful day together.

Congratulations to all who graduated these past few weeks. Whether you graduated from high school, college or grade school, you all deserve a lot of credit. Best wishes and much success!

It’s finally rained — quite a bit, too. Make sure to fertilize your plants and vegetables, as the rain washes it away. Plants need food just like we do, so take care of them and they will make you smile.

Enjoy the holiday weekend. Remember those who have sacrificed/are sacrificing to keep us safe. Have lots of fun! Enjoy that extra burger. It’s summertime; you’ll work it off.

Till next time, be safe, take care and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.

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