Riverhead School District

Riverhead school board approves $722K repair project

The Riverhead school board has approved using $722,200 in reserves to pay for several repair projects.

During the July 7 meeting, board members unanimously approved a plan to use reserve funds to repair bathrooms ($241,324), modernize water pipes ($29,176) and replace part of a 90-year-old heating system that recaptures water from steam pipes ($6,700) at Roanoke Avenue Elementary School; replace sections of the exterior walls ($190,000) and sidewalks ($80,000) at the high school; and replace worn grass areas and repair/replace irrigation systems ($175,000) located adjacent to the middle school.

In May, district voters approved another $5 million repair reserves because the current $5 million account, established in 2011, is nearly exhausted. Repair reserves are replenished annually from year-end budget surpluses and were created to supplement the ongoing $79 million districtwide construction bond project.

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