(934) area code coming to Suffolk County next year

Don’t get too comfortable with dialing just seven digits to reach Suffolk County residents and businesses.

A second area code — 934 — will be assigned to new numbers in Suffolk starting next year, according to the New York State Public Service Commission.

Residential, business and wireless customers seeking new service, additional line or planning to move their service will be assigned the new 934 area code as of July 16, 2016.

Now that the county will have two area codes, callers will have to dial a 10-digit number — an area code 631 or 934 and then the seven-digit number — when making in-county calls.

In-county calls won’t require an additional +1 like most out-of-area-code calls do, officials said.

Customers are advised, but not required, to start including the 631 area code when making local calls in order to prepare for next year’s change.

Customers are also asked to check that all services, including fax machines, automatic dialing equipment, speed dialers, and alarm and security systems, recognize the incoming 934 area code. NYS Public Service Commission also asks that you make sure your business stationary, personal checks, pet identification tags and other items contain your area code.

What is now considered a local call will remain as such, including the prices of calls and other rates.

The last year, state officials announced a new area code would soon be needed since available 631 numbers will eventually run out.

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