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Giglio pulls further ahead of Walter in campaign funds


The latest campaign finance reports posted with the state Board of Elections show Councilwoman Jodi Giglio now pulling well ahead — at least, in terms of fundraising — of incumbent Sean Walter in the Republican primary for Riverhead Supervisor.

Candidates involved in a primary were required to file a 32-day pre-primary campaign finance disclosure on Monday.

Ms. Giglio, who was the Republican committee nominee for supervisor, is being challenged in a primary by Mr. Walter, who is the incumbent supervisor since 2010.

The Riverhead Democratic committee candidates — Anthony Coates for supervisor, and Neil Krupnick and Laura Jens-Smith for council — are not involved in primaries and were therefore not required to filed a 32-day pre-primary report. Their last report was the July 15 report that all candidates were required to file, and prior to that, a January report was due.

In her 32-day, pre-primary report, Ms. Giglio reported an additional $19,225 in contributions since July 15, and an additional $12,791 in spending since then.

That brings her total contributions and expenditures dating back to the January reports to a total of $84,730 raised and $41,206 spent.

Those numbers include two campaign committees: “Friends of Jodi Giglio,” and “Jodi Giglio for Riverhead Town Council.”

She has a closing balance of $43,965.

Mr. Walter on the other hand, raised only $700 since the July 15 filing, and spent $1,700 since then.

Overall for the year, his totals now show he has raised $39,737 and spent $25,004 in 2015. Having started the year with $18,617 already on hand, his balance following the most recent reports is $33,350, according to the BOE reports.

The Riverhead Republican committee, which backed Ms. Giglio, has raised $50,774 since January, although it raised only $938 in the most recent filing period.

The Democratic supervisor candidate, Anthony Coates, has two committees — “Better Riverhead” and “Build a Better Riverhead” — but has only raised $2,090 and and spent $162, according to the July 15 reports.

In the most recent reports, Mr. Walter got $500 of his $700 in contributions from Peconic Crossing, which is hoping to build an apartment complex on West Main Street, where the Long Island Science Center is located.

Ms. Giglio’s biggest contributions were $1,000 each from 496 Realty Corp of Miller Place and Physical Therapy P.C., of Port Jefferson, and $940 from Henry Chlupsa of Smithtown, who is the president of Dvirka and Bartilucci, a planning and engineering firm.

Among the three candidates in the Republican primary for town council, incumbent James Wooten was tops in money raised (SEE BELOW) through the 32-day, pre-primary reports, even though his own party didn’t renominate him, choosing Bob Peeker and Tim Hubbard instead.

In the town justice election, there are several primaries involving the same three candidates, who are running for a seat to be vacated by longtime incumbent Richard Ehlers.

Party designee Bob Kozakiewicz is being challenged by Lori Hulse in a Republican primary and in a Conservative party primary. The Independence party also has a primary, pitting Ms. Hulse against Jeanmarie Costello, who also is the Democratic committee designee.

Ms. Costello is out in front as of the 32-day, pre-primary reports, followed by Ms. Hulse.

The BOE web site has nothing on file from Mr. Kozakiewicz.

To search for the reports, visit the New York State Board of Elections website.

Candidates involved in primaries, and filing reports on Monday. Contributions/expenses in 2015:

Sean Walter (Republican supervisor)

$18,617 start

$39,737 raised

$25,004 spent

$33,350 balance

Jodi Giglio  (2 committees) (Republican supervisor)

$441.74 start

$84,730 raised

$41,206 spent

$43,965 balance

Jim Wooten (Republican councilman)

$887 start

$11,557 raised

$5,248 spent

$7,196 balance

Bob Peeker (Republican councilman)

$0 start

$9,980 raised

$4,564 spent

$5,415 balance

Tim Hubbard (Republican councilman)

$0 start

$5,745 raised

$2,157 spent

$3,587 balance

Jeanmarie Costello (Democratic justice)

$0 start

$13,267 raised

$4,980 spent

$8,286 balance

Lori Hulse (Republican justice)

$0 start

$11,049 raised

$5,935 spent

$5,113 balance

Bob Kozakiewicz (Republican justice)

Nothing on file

Riverhead Republicans

$14,971 start

$50,774 raised

$55,736 spent

$15,159 balance