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Flanders News: Thank you, Denise Lucas!

Welcome, September!

I really enjoyed this summer’s weather and am very grateful that it’s still perfect. I am happy it’s cooled down a bit in the evenings; it makes for perfect sleeping weather. If that could be the norm year round that would be fine with me. OK, maybe a little snow in December for Christmas.

I hope the children who’ve returned to school have adjusted well to their new classroom, teacher, or perhaps new school.

Please come to a stop behind school buses. Remember that children are either loading or unloading and may be crossing the street. Do not try to go around the buses!

The Friends of the Big Duck’s annual rubber duck race was a huge success! Everyone had a ton of fun. There were 227 entrants this year! First place went to Geri LaPointe ($100); second place, Pat Mott (four L.I. Ducks tickets donated by Donna Gordon of Flanders); third place, Doris Schneider (Suffolk Theater tickets); fourth place, Nathaniel Galgan (aquarium tickets). The fifth- through ninth-place winners each received a coupon to Riverhead Car Wash. They are: Fran Cobb, Pat Larsen, Kurt Maas, Lisa Haushalter and Isabelle Schneider. Last place went to Linda Schneider, who won an IHOP gift certificate. Thank you to all who participated, bought ducks or volunteered.

Happy birthday to Rebecca Edwards, who celebrates today, Thursday, Sept. 17, from your mom and brothers. They hope you have a wonderful day! Birthday wishes also go out to Chrissy Slee and my other “Mommy” Marsha Mickoliger, Sept. 19; Virginia Scudder and Theresa Cahill, Sept. 20; Hal Goodale and Tracy Lorenz, Sept. 21; Tracy Wanat, Sept. 22; Anthony Pace, Sept. 24; Kathy Berezny, Sept. 28; and Peggy Hubbard and Kaitlyn Matlak, Sept. 29. I hope everyone enjoys their special day!

Get well wishes and lots of love to Phil “Pop” Tocci, who is dealing with some back pain right now. I hope you’re up and around real soon. We’re all waiting for your crabs.

A huge thank-you goes out to Denise Lucas, whose efforts to raise funds over the years for Riverhead Move the Animal Shelter are now coming to an end. Denise, you have brought attention to the community about the disadvantages of the animal shelter’s current location. We cannot thank you enough for all your hard work on trying to find a new forever home for the animals living there. You and your crew have done amazing things. We wish you the best in whatever it is you’re planning to do next.

Thank you for reading this week’s column. Have a great weekend, drive safely, and I’ll see you around the neighborhood.

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