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Riverhead school board honors district retirees

Frederick Bornemann

Two people retiring next month were recognized at Tuesday’s Riverhead school board meeting.

Maintenance mechanic Frederick Bornemann has worked in the district for 28 years and was given a plaque in honor of his retirement.

“Despite the weather,”school board president Sue Koukounas said while reading from a resolution, “he always takes the time to report to work when needed to attend to the district grounds to help create a safe environment for students.”

Bus driver Jeanne Bubka, who has worked in the district for 26 years, was also honored at Tuesday’s meeting, which Ms. Koukounas said she wasn’t able to attend.

Both retirements go into effect Oct. 30.

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Photo: From left, Superintendent Nancy Carney, maintenance mechanic Frederick Bornemann and school board president Sue Koukounas at Tuesday’s meeting. (Credit: Jen Nuzzo)