Election 2015

County Legislator 2015 Endorsement: Albert Krupski

Albert Krupski
Albert Krupski.

A popular incumbent who won each of his first two terms in office with more than two-thirds of the vote, Suffolk County Legislator Al Krupski is facing his easiest campaign yet.

He’s running virtually unopposed against Riverhead Town Republican Committee chairman Remy Bell, who isn’t actively campaigning.

Still, we thought it appropriate to at least use this space to note our support for Mr. Krupski, a Cutchogue farmer who spent nearly two decades serving in Southold Town politics before joining the county ranks in March 2013.

Mr. Krupski has lived up to his reputation as a nonpartisan, never afraid to share his concerns over the county budget. And his recent opposition to bus service cuts was encouraging, considering that plan comes from the county executive, a fellow Democrat.

Mr. Krupski has a positive environmental track record. Perhaps he can expand upon it by urging fellow legislators to support a countywide ban on plastic bags and continue the push for affordable septic systems to improve water quality.