Roanoke school garden turns into a ‘Pumpkin Star’


The students of Roanoke Avenue Elementary School got two gifts from the Parent-Teacher Organization this fall: they got to pick pumpkins and they got to do so without enduring hours of tourist traffic.

Because construction near the school made the annual Halloween Parade and Trunk or Treat “impossible,” the PTO had to think outside of the box, said Georgette Keller, a teacher at the school.

So, to compensate, they purchased 400 pumpkins and placed them in the school’s Star Garden on Friday, one day before Halloween. During the day, teachers took their students outside to the garden and allowed them to pick pumpkins and take them home.

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Photo:  Roanoke’s PTO President Amy Fideli (in costume) and parent volunteer Lindsey Copenhaver. (Credit: Courtesy)