Election 2015

Other races across the ballot on Election Day

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In addition to races for supervisor, town council and other local posts, a host of other positions are also up for election on the Nov. 3 ballot.

The job of representing the North Fork, known as the First District, on the Suffolk County Legislature is one of them.

Incumbent Democrat Al Krupski of Cutchogue won his then-vacant seat in a January 2013 special election against Riverhead Supervisor Sean Walter, after Ed Romaine surrendered it to run for Brookhaven Town supervisor.

Mr. Krupski then won a full two-year term in November 2013, defeating Democrat Albie de Kerillis.

This year, Mr. Krupski’s opponent is Remy Bell of Riverhead, who also was recently elected chairman of the Riverhead Republican committee.

Mr. Krupski will have the Democratic, Conservative and Independence lines on the ballot.

Mr. Bell will have the Republican and Reform party lines, though he has not been actively campaigning.

For county executive, incumbent Democrat Steve Bellone is running for re-election against Jim O’Connor of Great River. Mr. Bellone, seeking a second four-year term, will have the Democatic, Working Families, Independence and Women’s Equality ballot lines.

Mr. O’Connor will have the Republican, Conservative and Reform party lines.

While the Suffolk County Republican committee voted earlier this year to ban its candidates from accepting Democratic Party cross-endorsement, that ban didn’t include judicial positions, and lots of cross-endorsing appears on the ballot for state Supreme Court justice, and Family Court judge.

Fifteen candidates are running for seven state Supreme Court positions, with a variety of cross-endorsement combinations involving the Republican, Democratic, Conservative and Independence parties.

The candidates, with their party lines in parentheses, are as follows:

William Ford (D,C,I); Robert Quinlan (D,C,I); Howard Heckman (D, C, I); James McCormack (D,R,C,I); Jack Libert (D); Robert McDonald (D, R); Julianne Capetola (D, R); Patricia Filiberto (R); James Lack (R); Emily Pines (R, I); John Toomey (R, I); Deborah Poulos (C); Janine Barbera-Dalli (C); David Morris (C, I); and Kathy Bergmann (C, I).

Two Family Court judge positions are available and are being sought by candidates George Harkin (R, C, Reform); Matthew Hughes (R, C, Green, I, Reform); Marlene Budd (D, Working Families); and Martha Luft (D, I, Green, Working Families).

On the local level, both Town Clerk Diane Wilhelm (D, WF, I) and Receiver of Taxes Laurie Zaneski (R, C, Ref) are running unopposed.

Photo caption: Republican Remy Bell (left) is challenging Democratic incumbent Legislator Al Krupski in Tuesday’s election.