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NWS issues freeze watch for Sunday night


In the span of two days, we’ll be experiencing two seasons here in Riverhead ­— a crisp fall and an ice-cold winter.

Yesterday, temperatures hit a high of 66 degrees. Today was similar with temperatures at around 65 degrees this afternoon, according to the National Weather Service.

But tomorrow will be a different story, as the NWS issued a freeze watch from late Sunday night into Monday morning, with temperatures expected to drop to the 20s and 30s.

“It’s just that we’re going to be clearing out,” said Carly Buccola, a NWS meteorologist. “Once the clouds go away we’ll have cooler temperatures coming in.”

The freeze watch starts at 1 a.m. and ends at 8 a.m.

This may seem like a huge temperature jump to some, but according to Ms. Buccola the change is normal.

“We’ll be going back to what’s normal for this time of year,” she said. “It’s just that we’ve been above normal so it feels like a big switch.”