Bishop McGann-Mercy

McGann-Mercy students honor local veterans


Students at Bishop McGann-Mercy High School honored local veterans Friday in a ceremony that began with the raising of the American flag outside the school by the Commander of the American Legion in Riverhead, Michael Pankowsky.

The group moved inside where veterans got the chance to speak to students about the importance of sacrifice in their everyday lives. Sergeant Major Timothy Wiwczar spoke about the best ways to honor veterans. He urged students to use the freedoms America provides wisely, flying the flag and voting in elections.

Bishop McGann-Mercy senior Taya Coniglio, who hopes to be accepted into the United States Naval Academy, spoke about the influence her father had in her decision to pursue a career in the military.

After the ceremony, students in the group Mercy on Mission, a student club devoted to making a difference in the community, got to mingle with the veterans and listen to some of their stories.

Photo Caption: Friday’s ceremony began with a raising of the flag outside the school. (Credit: McGann-Mercy High School)

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