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Riverhead cop catches drag racers on former Grumman runway


Riverhead Police cracked down on members of an auto racing club that was using the western runway at the Riverhead Town-owned Enterprise Park at Calverton as a racetrack at about 11:30 Sunday morning. 

An officer patrolling the 7,000-foot runway on the western part of the property saw a number of cars racing east on the taxiway of the western runway, which is no longer used for aviation. 

Eleven of the racers stopped for the officer, who took down their names, auto registration and vehicle description, and the racers were then given a verbal warning from the officer stating that they may be arrested for trespassing if they return.

The racers told police that they were members of a club and were invited over the internet by other club members to attend the race, according to police.

About six other vehicles fled the scene before an officer could stop them them and identify them, police said.

Town officials says the runway at EPCAL has been illegally used for racing for years, despite “no trespassing” signs.

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